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10 Home Improvement Items to Tackle as You Decorate for the Holidays

10 Home Improvement Items to Tackle as You Decorate for the Holidays

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Fall home improvement projects can seem daunting when the list is long and time is short. We have compiled a list of the top home improvement projects that you can tackle as you decorate for the holidays making each task a little easier to accomplish throughout the season.


Halloween is a fun time as trick-or-treaters wander the streets in search of the best candy and most frightening decorations. Make sure your home is safe and easy to access for these youngsters with these quick home updates.

  • Inspect and Repair Driveways and Walkways – Look over your property for signs of cracks or broken pavement. You may be able to handle minor repairs with a quick coat of sealant or choose to hire a professional for a larger job.
  • Prune Bushes – Trim bushes and plants to get them ready for the long, cold months ahead. Nicely trimmed bushes are also the perfect showcase for fake spider webs and glowing eyeballs!
  • Perform Final Landscaping and Equipment Storage – Mow and edge your lawn for the final time this season then clean and store your lawn equipment to prevent winter damage. Manicured lawns make the ideal backdrop for those Halloween graveyards.


Thanksgiving is one of the country’s favorite holidays because it means food and family. Make sure that your home is ready for those holiday gatherings by looking beautiful while also being warm and cozy.

  • Energy Inspection – Inspect your home for energy efficiency. Update insulation and add caulking or weather stripping as needed. Making your home more energy efficient will lower your power bills and make it easier to keep the entire home at a comfortable temperature while you have guests. Another quick home heating tip is to reverse your ceiling fans to help draw heat to the lower floors without taxing your heating system.
  • Power Wash Exterior – Get ready for guests by power washing your home’s exterior. Fall is a perfect time for power washing because the humidity is low and will resist the regrowth of grime and mold.
  • Paint Touch-Ups – Make those holiday decorations pop by touching up the paint on your front door, railings, and window sashes. Fall wreaths and pumpkin displays look fabulous against a backdrop of fresh, beautiful paint.

Christmas / New Year’s

With winter weather fast approaching, these final home improvement projects will get you ready to hibernate out of the cold and shop to your heart’s content.

  • Inspect and Repair Roof – Before winter sets in for good, inspect your roof and repair or replace any damaged shingles. If you find that the roof is overly worn or damaged, consider reroofing the home entirely. Making sure that your roof is in good condition will help stop leaks and give Santa a good landing spot as well.
  • Clean Gutters – Before you hang those holiday lights, clean your gutters to make sure that they are leaf-free. These tasks are a great combination because you only have to climb the ladder once. If you do not like heights, hire professionals to help.
  • Clean & Seal Decks and Patios – Outdoor holiday parties are popular as long as the snow is not falling. Clean and seal your deck or patio before the party to make sure that they sparkle for your guests.
  • Clean Carpets – If you prefer indoor holiday parties, clean your carpets on a cold day to promote quick drying. Clean carpets give the perfect base to your indoor holiday decorations and it is nice to know that the floors are ready if you have children who spend hours on the floor with their gifts.