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Home Automation: How Making Your Home Smart Saves Energy

Home Automation: How Making Your Home Smart Saves Energy

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Last year, smart home technology saw a 64% increase in sales, a trend that is expected to continue to grow in the upcoming years. One of the most common reasons people invest in this dynamic new technology is for the energy savings and convenience. But exactly how does this technology save energy? Here's a quick rundown:

Manage HVAC and Environmental Systems 

Unlike a programmable thermostat, which allowed you to make planned changes to your home's temperature, smart thermostats learn your habits and adapt the operation of your home's environmental systems to meet demand as needed.

Control Smart Lighting

In every household, there's almost always one person who habitually leaves the lights on. Smart lighting systems allow you to remotely turn lights off and on, as well as controlling light intensity in fixtures with dimmer switches.

Oversee Electronics Monitoring

Do you have a night owl tween who loves YouTube and hates school day mornings? Many systems allow you to monitor computer and mobile device usage, letting you throttle down bandwidth to avoid cat video viewing at 2 AM.

Manage Appliances

Today's appliances allow you to preheat your oven remotely, brew coffee and even take pictures of your refrigerator's interior to determine what you forgot to put on the list.

Limit Electronics Use

When you add a digital media server and smart TVs to your home, you're able to eliminate any number of excess devices to play the same files throughout the home.

By converting your home's systems into a smart home approach, you'll be able to realize energy and monetary savings. At the same time, you'll be lowering your overall workload, giving you the time you need to enjoy the things you love.