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How to Post a Job

How to Post a Job

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1. Once you’ve set up your free account on HandyHub, go to https://handyhub.org/ and click “Login.”

2. Enter your credentials and click “Log in.”

3. Click, “Post a New Job.”

4. Enter the job title, (e.g. Lawn mowing needed), select the job category (e.g. Lawn Care & Landscaping), add a detailed job description, and upload any relevant files (photos, etc.) that would help the service provider quote the job.  When done, click, “Next step.”

5. Enter your total budget amount, and select the price type (fixed or hourly).  Select the date when you will accept your last bids for the project (this date defaults to 30 days), and advise your preferred project start date.  When done, click, “Next step.”

6. Enter the complete job address.  If it’s your main address from your customer profile, it will appear pre-populated.  If the job address is different, you can manually enter it.  When done, click, “Next step.”

7. If there is a specific service provider you would like to invite to bid, type their name and then select it.  You can select multiple service providers.  When done, click, “Submit the job.”  Your job is now live and available for bids.