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Launch your home improvement business with HandyHub

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Launch your home improvement business with HandyHub

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At HandyHub, we welcome experienced home improvement professionals as well as those just starting out.  Did you know that we are also the ideal platform to launch your business?  

If you're the one your family and friends call for help with their home improvement, maintenance, assembly, and repair projects (you name it!), then I have news for you: you're a handyman!  And being a handyman either part-time or full time is easier now than ever with our platform.  You provide your time and the hand tools, and we'll take care of the rest.

Within minutes, you can have your business web page set up in our national directory and start advertising tailored offers to potential customers.  Next, view our job listings to find a project that fits your schedule, and it it looks good, submit a bid.  If you feel like taking a day off, don't worry!  Only take the jobs that you want and work the hours you want.

Follow these steps to get off to a successful start in establishing your business on HandyHub:

  • Create an informative business page and enter as many details as you can, including experience, operating hours, and list any licenses and certifications you may have.
  • Upload a colorful banner and thumbnail photo, and add photos of past projects that you're proud of so potential customers can see the quality of your work.
  • Bid on and earn jobs through the platform.  When the job is completed, thank the homeowner for their business and remind them to review your work.
  • Submit local offers and promotions to attract potential customers to your business and earn job invitations.

As you earn more jobs and reviews, you're showing potential customers that your work is consistent.  Strive to satisfy each and every customer to the best of your abilities to earn those 5-star reviews that will convert them into repeat customers, willing to praise your work to their family, friends, and co-workers.