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A Look Back at 2017

A Look Back at 2017

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HandyHub's first year in business has been filled with a rich spectrum of challenges and opportunities; all from which we have been fortunate to learn from.  The feedback we've received from our service providers as well as from you, our customers, has allowed us to narrow our focus on the areas requiring the most attention, and we will be allocating resources to improve in those areas in order to serve everyone better.

What we've also learned from this feedback is that with its many marketing features, HandyHub has become a trusted platform that is garnering customer loyalty, and that with the right balance of ingredients can continue to satisfy customers looking to find fairly priced services for their homes, and service providers looking to expand their client list.  

What We Could Have Done Better

Our main focus this year has always been to fine tune the platform.  We improved existing features and added new ones, ensuring that every angle and possibility was covered for those navigating it.  Unfortunately, this meant not allocating adequate resources to ensuring that customers could have every one of their jobs filled, and conversely not having enough of the right kind of jobs our service providers were looking for.  We’re going to give this area a lot of attention in  2018, so stay tuned.  

What We Did Really Well

A few months ago, we added our live chat feature which facilitates real-time support on all levels.  This functions as both a means to communicate directly with a member of our team to resolve an issue, and an effective way to track the type of issues that our users are most concerned with.  The addition of this feature was met with praise from our user community and was very important to me personally, given that I have been a major live chat support user since it was first introduced.  

Looking Ahead

What new features and improvements can you look forward to from us in 2018?  One that I’m excited to share about is an availability calendar that will allow you to “book” appointments directly with the provider from their HandyHub business page without having to message or call them first.  Paired with our messaging and jobs system, we’re getting us closer to having a platform that eliminates any needless activity and can be used effectively even after hours or while the person we’re dealing with is in the middle of something.

The team and I are grateful to have this opportunity to give you more reasons to choose us as your trusted partner in home improvement.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2018, from the team at HandyHub!