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Prepare to kick-start your Summer projects

Prepare to kick-start your Summer projects

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Summer is almost here, and if the weather's been nice where you live, you may have already started working on those home improvement projects you've been planning.  My neighbors across the street got an early start and built a fabulous deck that gives them more room to entertain and a better vantage point to enjoy their view.  Their project went off without a hitch, but what about those times when it doesn't?

A 2012 study of 913 homeowners by Consumer Reports indicated that homeowners have become increasingly frustrated with their general contractors.  The article states:

Failing to show up was the top complaint. Also annoying were not taking the time needed to do the job right, not listening to or understanding requests, and leaving a mess. Surprisingly, cost overruns were at the bottom of the list.

For many years, we had few options to avoid making any mistakes when hiring and working with contractors and home improvement professionals.  We had to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbors, family, and friends, and hope that our experience would match theirs.  Time and again, I would hear stories about the struggle that people went through when searching for a trusted provider in the vast landscape of independent businesses advertising their services.

Getting rid of all your headaches is not likely, but minimizing them is much easier now with the tools that we have at our disposal, thanks to the World Wide Web.  Among some of HandyHub's key features, you can look up a service provider near you and see their verified reviews, the projects that they were awarded, and view a portfolio of the work they're most proud to share.  You can then invite your chosen providers to bid on your job, or, if you prefer, you can simply post the job in our marketplace to solicit bids and see who wants to work for you.  We take the hassle out of the selection process, and help give you the confidence that you're making the right decision when awarding your project.