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Your new partner in home improvement

Your new partner in home improvement

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Welcome to our site!  HandyHub is a passion project of mine, several years in the making.  

The idea for this platform first came to me when I returned to the Missouri Ozarks to start a family.  For several years prior I was living in the Bay Area, and then Latin America.  Moving around and getting accustomed to different cities, neighborhoods, and cultures was a tremendously enriching experience, but it was always a challenge to get settled in when my first concern was, "where do I buy my food, my gas," etc.  Soon, my concerns would shift to, "who am I going to hire to mow my lawn, and who is the best guy to fix my sink?"  Hiring a home improvement professional is not usually a choice we make because we have expendable income and want to add a new wing to our home; most of us just want to fix an unexpected problem causing us distress, with little hassle, when we need it done, and at a price we're happy with.  There are few feelings worse than buyer's remorse when hiring contractors.  

HandyHub takes the hassle out of finding and selecting home improvement service providers.  As a homeowner or anyone looking to request services, you can register for an account, free of charge, and have access to our streamlined job platform.  The platform is the key to making your life easier, because not only is it intuitive and user-friendly, but it allows you to set the parameters that matter to you most.  It only takes a couple of minutes to post a job listing on the site.  Once submitted, providers are immediately notified of your job listing, and they can then choose to bid on your job if their capabilities align with your job parameters.

This competitive environment unique to HandyHub encourages only the most responsive, punctual, and price conscious professionals to respond to your job listing, giving you the best service for your hard-earned money.  

Click here to register for our service.  If you are a service provider looking to become a member, click here.

We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in home improvement!

Mark A. Retana - Founder & President